Seeing progress

“For over a year now I have been reading with Reception and Year 1 children at a local primary school, spending 30 minutes at a time a couple of days a week. As well as helping the children to read, I also like to encourage them to ask questions and have a general chat with me – I love to […]

Literacy Packs In Lockdown

During ‘lock down’ we’ve been unable to go in to school as usual to hear children read. We know that many of the children we hear every week have few if any books at home so we needed to provide book packs fast and with limited resources. (We’re also great believers in making every penny work as hard as possible.) […]

Greedy.Company gives life to Read With Me

We know that it’s often only through team work you can make things happen. When you’re trying to launch something from scratch but with big ambitions then it helps if you can work with the best in the business. We needed an identity and a website but needed to concentrate all our funds on delivering reading support and that’s when […]