Support Us


If your company would like to set up a reading partnership with a local school or you’d personally like to volunteer as a reader then please give us a ring or drop us an email and we’ll be in touch immediately. We’ll explain all the ways you can help and you can choose how you’d like to be involved.

Speak to Kerlin, our volunteer liaison manager, to learn more about becoming a volunteer and how to sign up!


There are a thousand different ways that you can help ensure that children have the very best start with their reading.

That could be using your social media following to call for donations of children’s books, you might want to take part in a sponsored run or host a cake bake or plant sale. Or you could give your time to set up and paint a school library.

Speak to our Fundraising Manager Katherine to find out how you could help.

Not Got the Time?

Why not consider making a monetary donation to help support us on our mission!? Send a one-off donation or consider setting up a recurring payment, all through the security of PayPal!