The scheme allows employees to do something
that they really love.

It helps you support local employees with school age children, build links with your community and play a part in the education of future colleagues.

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It makes great business sense. It only costs £50 per pupil per year to fix this problem which has a huge knock-on effect, not only in terms of the quality of life of the individual – but the cost to the community.

Proven results

In pilots across Somerset and Gloucestershire results have been exceptional with children not only very quickly becoming fluent readers, but also exceeding expectation in phonics tests. Vitally every child on the test programme has become more confident, articulate and happy.

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The employer / school relationship has also resulted in employees taking Governor roles, fundraising and helping and attending school events.

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Employees love their time in school, for some it’s the ‘favourite part of my day’.

Vitally it also helps businesses reinforce their CSR credentials, in a quantifiable way, with measurable results.

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