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2.6 Challenge

Westfield School has 40% of children on Pupil Premium many of whom have been in school during lockdown as well as the children of frontline workers whose parents have been at the coal face. They needed to provide quality meals which the usual caterer was unable to supply. It was important to the teachers to give this support to the children and also to take the pressure off parents working round the clock.

We are all keen runners, cyclists and swimmers and were feeling a bit hemmed in by the lockdown so we decided to ruin a perfectly good Sunday morning by embarking on a murderous 2.6 challenge to raise funds.

So via Zoom we all polished off 26 rounds of crunches, squats, press ups (you name it we did it) in 26 minutes, culminating with some planking and we’d moved the needle past the £1,000 mark.

Thanks everyone who dialled in including Laurence from lockdown in South Africa. You can see the video here (and of course try it yourself at home.)