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Children need to be able to communicate and to read.

Without those basic skills their life opportunities are reduced and they face a bleak future.  The inability to read will impact on not only their outcomes but those of their children. 

Children who are unable to read properly by the age of 7 never catch up.

1 in 5 children leave primary school unable to read. These children do less well at school, have dramatically reduced employment choices and earning opportunities, and a greater chance of going to prison. The UK has the worst literacy rates in the developed world.

Reading programmes

Excellent reading programmes and support exist in most schools in the UK but in almost every case resources are stretched, classes are huge and it is not possible to hear every child read every day. Many children will never be heard to read at home.

“I will always give priority to reading time over everything else. Once a child can read then learning and the whole world opens up to them.”

— Simon Mills, Head Teacher, Westfield Primary

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