Five Reasons to Send Christmas Cards This Year

1. Show you care.

Sending a Christmas Card is a way to show your friends and family that you care. A card takes time and effort; it shows you took some time to stop and think of the recipient and share kind words or a message of hope.

2. Move away from the keyboard!

In a world of digital communication, it’s lovely to receive a more personal touch.
It’s easy to send a text message or e-card to a mass list of email addresses. But in today’s digital world, handwriting is a personal touch that we see less and less. Just a sentence or two is all it takes.

3. Christmas cards keep you connected to people.

If you don’t see some of your family and friends in person very often, writing a card is a way to stay connected. You could even write a longer note with an update on what’s happening in your life, it’s a lovely way to reflect on your year and share news with your loved ones.

4. Easy Christmas décor.

Colourful Christmas cards make great decoration at Christmas time. A row of lovely cards across the mantel piece makes a great display of Christmas cheer and joy. There are lots of ways to display your cards to make them look wonderful.
Why not make a garland of green pegs, hang it with a red ribbon and clip your cards to the pegs!
You could even reuse the cards after Christmas for cutting up to make gift tags or Christmas postcards for the following year.

5. Impress your clients.

If you run a business why not take the time to send your clients a handwritten Christmas Card this year, that personal touch could make all the difference to how they view your business and the effort you put in to looking after your customers.

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